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The Digital Advantage

The Creative Advantage

The latest range of professional digital cameras with their ability to match film cameras, for quality, offer many advantages for both the photographer and their clients.

Modern professional digital cameras are technically easier to use allowing the photographer to concentrate on creating great images. After converting to digital cameras, many photographers (including this one!) feel that their overall photography has improved.  On a typical assignment, my clients are reaping the benefits, as I feel I can offer a wider choice of higher quality images.

 Much of this improvement results from the instant feedback professional digital cameras offer. The ability to see the image immediately after shooting is ideal in situations where the lighting is difficult or on occasions where it would be impossible to reshoot.

There are also significant technical advantages. For example, using RAW files from a professional digital camera allows very accurate colour reproduction, even with light from different sources ie flash, tungsten, fluorescent etc. This can be vital when shooting interiors, where using film can be time consuming and expensive.

The vast range of specialist lenses available to our new professional digital cameras offer a wider variety of possibilities while still offering the image quality to produce large prints.

Images from professional digital cameras are easily retouched on the computer without needing scanning, enabling better images.

The Cost Advantage

Although processing RAW files from a professional quality digital camera requires computer processing time, unnecessary with film cameras, there are significant cost savings. Images from digital cameras are ready for digital processing on the computer. This reduces time and cost and, crucially, eliminates the expensive scanning stage where quality is often lost. The savings on publications and catalogues costs can be considerable.

The Environmental Advantage

Manufacturing, packaging and processing film uses large amounts of chemicals. The elimination of chemical processing not only takes out another stage where errors can occur, but reduces the environmental and health hazards involved in wet processing to zero.

The majority of images on this web site are made with a
High Resolution professional digital camera


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