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Model photography


I guess one of the biggest pleasures of professional photography, for me, is working with photographic models. Not a surprise I guess.

I have been a professional photographer for 30 years and the days that I remember are the fun filled energy packed days working with a model.

Sonia Yasmin Ali, left, is a typical case in point. Sonia is naturally creative and also full of energy, making photographs with Sonia becomes a team effort. Add to that a creative makeup artist and the images just flow.

In my experience models generally have a full of life attitude, happy to try new things, willing to go the extra mile to get a great shot.



Like Michela climbing a tree

Photographing models

or Becky wearing triathlon swimwear on a freezing cold January day, This Brave model  even offered to actually dive in!! We were surrounded by members of the public who were wrapped up for a winters day stamping their feet and rubbing their hands.
Photographice model in winter

When photographing models, the model needs to trust the photographer and this trust is gained by always respecting your model. To me that means no inappropriate remarks, no touching, privacy when changing, accepting that some models feel the need for a chaperone on a first shoot with a photographer. You will get the best photographs when a model feels comfortable.

Photographing a lingerie model

Photographing a topless model

Photographing a nude model

So where do you find models to work with?

If you are new to photographing models I would strongly suggest that you pay for an experienced model as they will give you confidence and some will offer useful advice (if asked). The resulting images will be better for it.

Although model agencies are a good idea they can be a tad expensive. A good place to start is setting up an account (free) at Purpleport and/or Model Mayhem
Once joined spend some time in the forums to see how things work.

What models have said about working with me.

Purplehaze said…
I had the pleasure of working with Mark again last week on a high end lingerie shoot, very professional & respectful guy. Had a great day working with him and hope to again soon.
Artemis Fauna said…
I had a three hour shoot with Mark yesterday afternoon.
Mark arrived right on time and came very well prepared. He had loads of ideas to work through but we also got some time to play around with ideas and try a few new things.
Mark was really easy to work with. He gave me a brief and then let me get into the flow. The shoot went really quickly and I enjoyed it a lot.
I look forward to working with Mark again some time soon, thank you!
Mark is one of my Fav photographers. Very creative mind who has an amazing eye for capturing an outstanding image. I am always pleased with the results of the shoots we do. He is very easy going and professional. : )
Sonia Yasmin Ali
Mark is a really nice guy to work with, very friendly, I felt comfortable throughout the shoot and it was a very relaxed environment, would definitely work with him again! Excellent Photographer.
Sophia lares
Mark is a fun photographer who really knows his stuff. I felt comfortable and relaxed working with him. Can’t wait until we work together again.
Sally Babe
Netmodel .com

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