Fuji XT1 and off camera flash

The switch from Canon 5D11 to Fuji XT1 means that I now have Fuji cameras and Canon flashguns (Speedlites) opening up a can of worms.

My option when I had the Canon camera was to use a Canon flash Speedlite wireless transmitter ST-e2 which worked well in either manual or auto (ETTL) modes. I could set the flashguns up on light stands and reflect the light from them off of umbrellas or even walls, I could flash synch up to 250th of a second when triggering with the ST-e2 mounted on the camera. It was a good and very usable system.

So how does my Canon flash work with the Fuji XT1, not well sadly. Firstly there is no ETTL auto flash and the maximum shutter speed that I can use with the flash off camera and on stands triggered by the ST-e2 is 1/60th of a second.

To be fair this is fine when I am shooting interiors because I will be using long shutter speeds. Also I tend to use flash in manual mode so the ETTL loss is not a massive worry. But when I am shooting people or moving objects the 1/60th is just to slow.

I do have a Lastolight 10ft ETTL cord which connects to the hotshoe on the camera and the Canon flash connects to the other end, on the Canon Camera this offers auto, using the same cord on the Fuji with the Canon flash allows manual only but it does give me 200th of a second shutter synch, Hooray!

Well not quite, Canon in their wisdom chose not to include an optical cell in my flash guns!!!!!

This means that the cable will trigger one flash but that flash cannot be used to trigger my other Canon flash units, most other flashguns can be triggered by the light from any flash. I could add external optical flash slaves to my other Canon flash guns but that could get expensive, it is also another thing to go wrong and may weaken the fitting between the flash and the light stand.

So where next, I need to replace my Canon flash units but what with. New Canon flash are too expensive. Surprisingly I am considering flash units from manufacturers that were unknown to me until recently, such as Yongnou, Godox and similar.
The lithium powered Ving v850 li-ion looks worth considering.

I should add that the FujiX-T1 works happily with my Elinchrom Studio flash at 180th of a second.

I guess at this moment it is a case of watch this space 🙁

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  1. Jenny Tremlett July 30, 2014 at 6:23 am #

    Try Cactus V6 triggers. They act as transmitter/receivers and work perfectly with Fuji cameras and Canon flash guns. Damien Lovegrove has demonstrated their usefulness. He is so impressed with them, he got a load for his shop, so he is now the UK distributor. Best of all, they are only around £50 each.

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