Canon to Fuji, weight.

I am not a fan of climbing on bandwagons but it appears that I have found my way
onto a Fuji bandwagon.

It all started when I was looking for a walkabout camera, as a full frame Canon user I rarely had a camera with me unless I was working. The kit is heavy and cumbersome, a couple of full frame bodies (1 series and 5 series) , a selection of Canon lenses (L glass)  in a heavy, strong backpack and I use the camera on my huge Manfrotto tripod and head, previously used for 5×4 cameras.

A check on weight makes the loaded backpack over 50lbs (25kg ish), tripod and head 24lbs (12kg ish) so 75lbs in total. I needed a very good reason to cart that lot about. To think that I hauled it up ladders and around scaffolding on a regular basis!

So back to my walkabout camera, I need sufficient image quality to satisfy the demands of my image library. The hunt took me through a range of disappointing cameras and then I tried a Fuji X100. I loved the camera it felt like a proper camera and the ergonomics were ideal for me. All the controls were where I wanted them, on dials on the top of the camera and joy of joys an aperture ring on the lens. One glance at the top of the camera shows the major settings.

Fuji x100 camera


Fuji x100 camera

So I started carrying it with me, because it was such a joy to use I was making photographs just for the pleasure of using the camera, and my image library is happy with the image quality.

In fact the image quality is so good that it set me thinking, if this old 12mp Fuji was this good how good were the modern Fuji cameras? (see images at bottom of the post)

I tried an Xpro 1 for a day, on loan from a dealer. I was totally blown away by the portability and the image quality,  in fact the IQ challenged my full frame Canons.

And then Fuji brought out the Xt1…..

To wind back a bit….
I have been a pro for over thirty years, nine in the military and the rest as a commercial and architectural freelancer. Using Sinar 5×4, Hassleblads, Mamiya 6x7s and Canons for the small stuff (all film). My first introduction to Fuji was their excellent films, Velvia, Provia and Astia. Even in those days Fuji was an excellent company to deal with and all of their staff had a passion for photography.

When I switched to digital (2003) a full frame was important to me as I planned to use a bunch of tilt shift lenses and needed the full wide angle that the 24mm offered, so I chose the Canon 1Ds. I used the Canon FF cameras to make my living for a decade or so.

And then Fuji brought out the Xt1….. which has the same sensor as the Xpro 1 and the same amazing image quality.

Doing some sums showed that the lighter cameras, lenses, camera bag and treating myself to a new carbon fibre tripod  would give me a working kit of 14lbs which is a very useful saving. Oh and there are tilt shift adapters for a range of lenses.

The punchline is that I now have the Fuji kit and I happily sold the Canon kit… well maybe there was a small tear in my eye as I have been making my living with them for a decade.

My shoot rate for my image libraries has shot up as I always have a Fuji with me. The XT1 has been used on commissions and the clients love the images.

Could things get better, well yes, I would love to upgrade my X100 to an X100s for the better sensor.


Hand held shots grabbed while on commissioned shoots as test images.

x100  sample photograph



JPEG Image straight out of the X100

Fuji X100 sample photo

JPEG Image straight out of the X100



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