Manfrotto 075 tripod

One tripod for thirty years – Manfrotto 075

The web is full of of the exciting side of photography, cameras, lenses, photoshop, discussions about full frame vs mirrorless etc, etc But few about the humble tripod which of course has a massive effect on our, well my, photography. Try long exposures without a tripod. When I brought my tripod ; I was loading […]

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Is photography Art?

Is photography Art?   This question crops up a lot, I have been asked this today. I also see it debated on forums and blogs. Long rambling arguments and opinions for and against. I may be missing something but to me the answer is simple.   Photography is a tool, the same as a paint […]

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Fuji XT1 and off camera flash

The switch from Canon 5D11 to Fuji XT1 means that I now have Fuji cameras and Canon flashguns (Speedlites) opening up a can of worms. My option when I had the Canon camera was to use a Canon flash Speedlite wireless transmitter ST-e2 which worked well in either manual or auto (ETTL) modes. I could […]

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XT1 X-T1 controls

Versatile Fuji X-T1 the first 10,000 photographs.

Fujifilm Fuji X-T1 Since exchanging my full frame Canon kit for a Fuji XT1 kit I have made over ten thousand photographs. I now feel comfortable with the camera and very pleased to have made the change.  As a professional I get to shoot a wide range of subjects, which is one of the joys […]

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Fuji X100 with flash

When I bought the Fuji X100 as a walkabout camera I found an unexpected bonus, the Fuji has a  leaf shutter in the lens not a focal plane shutter in the camera body. This rare and is great news and here is why. Bear with me for the next bit…. In simple terms the focal […]

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Fuji XT1 shoots lingerie

I recently had the pleasure of working with a new team of people, the commission was for the Fox and Rose lingerie website and involved photographing a large range of products for a website update. It was also an opportunity for me to work with the website owner Karen, and new to me, makeup artist […]

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Hamper photograph

Mark Baigent photography blog

  I am a professional photographer and have been for 30+ years, freelancing in a number of areas,  including product photography,  lifestyle photography, fashion photography, architectural photography and general commercial photography.  I also shoot stock photography of a wide range of subjects including photographs of Essex (UK) which are available here as digital downloads.   […]

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XT1 sharp test

Canon vs Fuji, image quality.

I read a statement on a forum recently  and it set me thinking… The  statement was about the image quality from different sized sensors (the thing that replaced film) “bigger sensor better image quality, that is physics”  which of course is correct… ..if there are no other variables. So I set out to find if […]

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Canon to Fuji, weight.

I am not a fan of climbing on bandwagons but it appears that I have found my way onto a Fuji bandwagon. It all started when I was looking for a walkabout camera, as a full frame Canon user I rarely had a camera with me unless I was working. The kit is heavy and […]

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model photography

Photographing Models

    I guess one of the biggest pleasures of professional photography, for me, is working with photographic models. Not a surprise I guess. I have been a professional photographer for 30 years and the days that I remember are the fun filled energy packed days working with a model. Sonia Yasmin Ali, left, is […]

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